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Open Value Subscription (OVS) is a low cost easy way to license all the latest   Microsoft software through one simple three year rental agreement. OVS is specifically designed as the optimum licensing solution for schools with 5 to 250   computers running Microsoft Windows. At the end of the three year agreement customers have the  choice to either extend the agreement, buy out the software or discontinue usage.  The OVS licence is based on the number of full time users including teachers, the school secretary  and principal and NOT the number of PC's in the school.   So for example if the school has 10 full time PC users ( 8 teachers plus 1 Principal and 1 secretary)  the cost is €44 per user per year (3 year contract) so €440 per year and Microsoft on Office can be  put on as many PC's as the school has including the schools computer room and any additional PC’s  used in the school.   Registration, setup and installation costs €13 per PC.  Costs are inclusive of VAT Cost breakdown based on 10 fulltime users and 16 additional PC’s in the school  Year 1 Licence Cost 10 PC;s  €44  €440  Additional PC’s  16 PC’s €0  €0  Software Installation  26 PC’s €13  €338  Total: €778  Year 2 &3 Licence Cost 10 PC;s  €44  €440  Additional PC’s  16 PC’s €0  €0  Total: €440  For more information contact Gerry Poynton on   01 6246344 or 086 6034728  enquiries@ryepeg.ie  www.schoolsit.ryepeg.ie
Microsoft Open Value Subscription Software
GreenIT are certified by Microsoft to provide and manage the Microsoft Open Licencing program