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- We will provide as much information as possible on the options

available on the market for any project that you are undertaking


- We will provide quotations for all new hardware and software

from three sources


- Invoices for IT Support will be processed for the month in arears

- Invoicing for Hardware and Software, including labor costs, will be

issued immediately following delivery or installation*


- Call-out rate €45 per hour exclusive of VAT

- Remote support €35 per hour exclusive of VAT

- Fixed cost is a cost agreed in advance for a specific project e.g.

installing a new projector etc.


- We will deal with any Hardware or Software warranty issues on

behalf of the school at no cost to the school


- There will be times when we will be called out for something that

seemed critical or serious but turned out to be really, really minor.

In situations like this, where practical, there will be no charge

01 624 6344

* Please note that all hardware and/or software with an accumulated invoice

value greater than €1000 must be paid for in advance of the order being placed.

If you are interested in our services please contact us using

one of the following methods:

We will contact you immediately to arrange an appointment

to discuss your requirements

01 624 6344

086 603 4728

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Panda Internet

Security 2016

2 Year Licence

€55 per device

inclusive of installation

and VAT